Philippine Eagle


This endangered Philippine Eagle, the national bird, lives within the protected sanctuary of the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao.

Photo by @eatlivetraveldrink

Sohoton Caves of Samar, Philippines


Photographer: “Kayaking through Sohoton Caves! Little did I know how gorgeous it was inside the massive cave that had two openings to show the sunlight peeking through.”¬†

Photo by @whereintheworldisnina

Sailboat in sunset in Boracay


Photographer: “When you think Boracay cannot get any better… It gets better! The best sunset ever!”¬†

Photo by @slowspiritblog

Hat merchant in Intramuros


A traveling merchant sells hats outside San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila.


Photo by @melhadtea

Drone Siargao


An aerial view of a Siargao island. A tiny boat is seen on the beach.


Photo by @cloetclem

Big Lagoon, El Nido


Photographer: “The Big Lagoon in El Nido is a must when visiting the Philippines! This is my tiny planet take on the lagoon.”

Photo by @eatlivetraveldrink

Filipino schoolgirl in class


Photographer: “We got to visit a couple of the Tao Schools; the inspirited young students gave me a different perspective to the word El Nido, meaning ‘The nest’ in Spanish.”

Photo by @theotherboomgarcia

Philippine Tarsier


Photographer: “Today we had the pleasure of meeting this super cute fellow! One of the smallest primates in the world, known as the Philippine Tarsier!”

Photo by @slowspiritblog

Umbrella ceiling in Tagaytay



To protect their customers from rain as they walk under this walkway, this Tagaytay coffeeshop used umbrellas instead of building a traditional ceiling.


Photo by @twirltheglobe

Sunrise in Albay


Photographer: “Woke up super early last week so we could capture the beautiful sunrise at @misibis_bay Resort. So calm and peaceful.”

Photo by @fit_travels

Beach huts in Dako Island


Dako Island in Siargao showcases waterfront huts in the traditional nipa-hut style of thatched roof, also known as “bahay kubo”.


Photo by @voyageway

Cabanas at night


Guests at the Lind resort in Boracay can relax in the evening in giant bird-cage style cabanas


Photo by @twinsnozomi

Whale shark


Whale sharks, the largest known fish in the world and the largest non-mammalian vertebrate, are indigenous to the Philippines. Whale shark watching is offered in Oslob in Cebu

Photo by @slowspiritblog

Mother and children


Local mother Annielyn sells ice lollipops. They are among the families without money at GK Enchanted Farm. They earn their homes through “sweat equity,” or doing work in the community.

Photo by @melhadtea

Sotanghon dish


Sotanghon is a traditional Filipino dish consisting of vegetables, broth, and¬†transparent noodles (also called “sotanghon”) made from starch and water.

Photo by @twirltheglobe

Hiking Mt. Pinatubo


Photographer: “The second-largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century occurred at Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines on June 15, 1991…. Now you can hike to the summit of Pinatubo admiring a great power of nature.”


Photo by @thesanetravel

Siargao calm waters and hut


Photographer: “We toured several islands near Siargao with a speed boat: Guyam, Naked Island, and Dako, where we had our lunch on the sandy white beach. The colour of the sea is incredible.”

Photo by @argone69

Boaters transporting coconuts


The coconut, a staple in Filipino culture and trade, is transported by some local merchants in long one-person rowboats.

Photo by @momfluential



Photographer: “These three-wheeled vehicles powered by a motorcycle will take you everywhere for very cheap too. One of these little guys can hold at least 5 brave enough people.”


Photo by @cailinoneil

Pink museum Villa Escudero


Photographer: “Villa Escudero located in Quezon province in the Philippines has a pink museum that houses some of the rarest collections we have seen, from religious artifacts to preserved animal remains.”


Photo by @travelhabeat

Snorkelers and their boat


In Siargao, the photographer says: “Perfect day to enjoy snorkeling with Filipino friends. This is exactly the soul of the Philippines: enjoying life.”

Photo by @cloetclem

Boodle fight lunch


Photographer: “Boodle fight is a popular style of eating in the Philippines where food is prepared on top of banana leaves. People then ‘attack on the food’ and eat with their hands. We had one of the best boodle fights at Club Paradise in Coron, Palawan.”

Photo by @travelhabeat

El Nido, Palawan


Photographer: “Walking into the Big Lagoon was such a beautiful adventure. Right now it’s low tide so the boat has to park at the mouth of the entrance and you walk the rest of the way in. The water is spectacular! When we got there we were the only people there. It’s nice to have paradise alone if only for a little while.”

Photo by @eatlivetraveldrink

Nagtabon Beach, Palawan


Photographer: “Another day in Paradise. Found this beautiful beach while cruising along the west coast of Palawan on a motorbike. It really is more fun in the Philippines.”

Photo by @coconut_sports

Native Ifugao dancers


Photographer: “The Ifugaos inhabit the rugged and mountainous part of Northern Philippines. They build the magnificent payo or rice terraces, the grandest manmade structure of antiquity not made by slave labor. They dance at weddings, planting and harvest rituals, funerals and rites of passage.”


Photo by @thesanetravel